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紙箱Carton 瓦欏紙箱 Corrugated Carton 舊瓦欏紙箱 Old Corrugated Carton (O.C.C.)

木箱 Wooden Case 板條箱 Crate 木條箱 Wooden Crate 竹條箱 Bamboo Crate

膠合板箱 Plywood Case 三層夾板箱 3--Ply Plywood Case

鍍錫鐵皮胎木箱Tin Lined Wooden Case 盒Box 木盒Wooden Box 鐵盒Iron Box

塑料透明盒 Plastic Transparency Box 苯乙烯盒 Styrol Box 袋Bag(Sack) 布袋 Cloth Bag

草袋 Straw Bag 麻袋 Gunny Bag/Jute Bag 舊麻袋 Used Gunny Bag/Old Gunny Bag

新麻袋 New Gunny Bag 尼龍袋 Nylon Bag 聚丙烯袋 Polypropylene Bag

聚乙烯袋 Polythene Bag 塑料袋 Poly Bag 塑料編織袋 Polywoven Bag 縴維袋 Fibre Bag

玻璃縴維袋 Glass Fibre Bag 玻璃紙袋 Callophane Bag

防潮紙袋 Moisture Proof Pager Bag 乳膠袋子Emulsion Bag

錫箔袋 Fresco Bag 特大袋 Jumbo Bag 單層完整袋子Single Sound Bag 桶 Drum

木桶 Wooden Cask 大木桶 Hogshead 小木桶 Keg 粗腰桶(琵琶桶) Barrel

膠木桶 Bakelite Drum 塑料桶 Plastic Drum 鐵桶 Iron Drum 鍍鋅鐵桶 Galvanized Iron Drum

鍍鋅閉口鋼桶 Galvanized Mouth Closed Steel Drum

鍍鋅開口鋼桶 Galvanized Mouth Opened Steel Drum

鋁桶 Aluminum Drum 麻布包 Gunny Bale (Hessian Cloth Bag) 蒲包 Mat Bale 草包 Straw Bale

緊壓包 Press Packed Bale 鋁箔包 Aluminium Foil Package 鐵機包 Hard-pressed Bale

木機包Half-pressed Bale 覃(缸)Jar 陶缸 Earthen Jar 瓷缸 Porcelain Jar

壺 Pot 鉛壺 Lead Pot 銅壺Copper Pot 施 Bottle 鋁瓶 Aluminum Bottle 陶瓶 Earthen Bottle

瓷瓶 Porcelain bottle 罐 Can 听 Tin 繞線筒 Bobbin 籠(簍、籃、筐)Basket

竹籠(簍、籃、筐)Bamboo Basket 柳條筐(籠、籃、筐)Wicker Basket 集裝箱 Container

集裝包/集裝袋 Flexible Container 托盤 Pallet 件(支、把、個)Piece 架(台、套)Set(Kit)

安瓿 Amp(o)ule(藥針支) 雙 Pair 打 Dozen 令 Ream 匹 Bolt(Piece)碼Yard

卷(Roll(reel) 塊Block 捆 Bundle 瓣 Braid 度 Degree 輛 Unit(Cart)

套(罩) Casing 包裝形狀 Shapes of Packing 圓形 Round 方形Square

三角形 Triangular(Delta Type) 長方形(矩形) Rectangular

菱形(斜方形) Rhombus(Diamond) 橢圓形 Oval 圓錐形 Conical 圓柱形 Cylindrical

蛋形 Egg-Shaped 葫蘆形 Pear-Shaped 五邊形 Pentagon 六邊形 Hexagon

七邊形 Heptagon 八邊形 Octagon 長 Long 寬 Wide 高 High 深 Deep 厚 Thick 長度 Length

寬度 Width 高度 Height 深度 Depth 厚度 Thickness 包裝外表標志 Marks On Packing

下端,底部 Bottom 頂部(上部) Top(Upper) 小心 Care 勿擲 Don’t Cast

易碎 Fragile 小心輕放,小心裝運 Handle With Care 起吊點(此處起吊) Heave Here

易燃物,避火 Inflammable 保持干燥,防涇 Keep Dry 防潮 keep Away from Moisture

儲存陰冷處 Keep in a Cool Place 儲存干燥處 Keep in a Dry Place

請勿倒置 Keep Upright 請勿傾倒 Not to Be Tipped 避冷 To be Protected from Cold

避熱 To be Protected from Heat 在滾子上移動 Use Rollers 此方向上 This Side Up

由此開啟 Open from This Side 爆炸品Explosive 易燃品 Inflammable

遇水燃燒品 Dangerous When Wet 有毒品 Poison 無毒品 No Poison

不可觸摩 Hand off 適合海運包裝 Seaworthy Packing 毛重 Gross Weight (Gr.Wt.)

淨重 Net Weight (Nt.Wt) 皮重 Tare Weight 包裝嘜頭 Packing Mark

包裝容積 Packing Capacity 包袋件數 Packing Number 小心玻璃 Glass 易碎物品 Fragile

易腐貨物 Perishable 液體貨物 Liquid 切勿受潮 Keep Dry/Caution Against Wet

怕冷 To Be Protected from Cold 怕熱 To Be Protected from Heat 怕火 Inflammable

上部,向上 Top 此端向上 This Side Up 勿用手鉤 Use No Hooks 切勿投擲 No Dumping

切勿倒置 Keep Upright 切勿傾倒 No Turning Over 切勿墜落Do Not Drop/No Dropping

切勿平放 Not to Be Laid Flat 切勿壓擠 Do Not Crush 勿放頂上 Do Not Stake on Top

放于涼處Keep Cool/Stow Cool 干處保管Keep in Dry Place

勿放濕處 Do Not Stow in Damp Place 甲板裝運 Keep on Deck

裝于艙內 Keep in Hold 勿近鍋爐 Stow Away from Boiler

必須平放 Keep Flat/Stow Level 怕光 Keep in Dark Place

怕壓 Not to Be Stow Below Other Cargo 由此吊起 Lift Here

掛繩位置 Sling Here 重心 Centre of Balance 著力點Point of Strength 用滾子搬運 Use Rollers

此處打開 Opon Here 暗室開啟 Open in Dark Room

先開頂部 Romove Top First 怕火,易燃物 Inflammable

氧化物 Oxidizing Material 腐蝕品 Corrosive

壓縮氣體Compressed Gas 易燃壓縮氣體Inflammable Compressed Gas

毒品 Poison 爆炸物 Explosive

危險品 Hazardous Article 放射性物質Material Radioactive

立菱形 Upright Diamond 菱形 Diamond Phombus

雙菱形 Double Diamond 內十字菱形 Gross in Diamond

四等分菱形 Divided Diamond 突角菱形Diamond with Projecting Ends

斜井形 Projecting Diamond 內直線菱形 Line in Diamond

內三線突角菱形 Three Line in Projecting Diamond 三菱形 Three Diamond

附耳菱形 Diamond with Looped Ends 正方形 Square Box

長方形 Rectangle 梯形 Echelon Formation

平行四邊形 Parallelogram 井筒形 Intersecting Parallels
五邊形 Pentagon 六邊形 Hexagon 長六邊形 Long Hexagon 圓形 Circle/Round

二等分圓 Bisected Circle 雙環形 Crossed Circle

雙圓形 Double Circle 雙帶圓形 Zoned Circle 長圓形 Long Circle 橢圓形 Oval

雙缺圓形 Double Indented Circle 圓內三角形 Triangle in Circle

三角形 Triangle 六角星形 Hexangular Star

二重三角形 Double Triangle 對頂三角形 Hourgrass Touching Triangle

內外三角形 Three Triangle 十字形 Cross 圓內十字形 Cross in Circle

山角形 Angle 義架形 Crotch 直線 Line 月牙形 Crescent 心形 Heart 星形 Star

包裝情況 Packing Condition 散裝 In Bulk 塊裝 In Block 條裝 In Spear 片裝 In Slice

捆(扎)裝 In Bundle 裸裝 In Nude 裸散裝 Bare in Loose

木托架立裝 Straightly Stand on Wooden Shelf

傳統包裝 Traditional Packing 中性包裝 Neutral Packing 水密Water Tight 氣密 Air Tight

不透水包 Water Proof Packing 不透氣包 Air Proof Packing

薄膜 Film Membrane 透明紙 Transparent Paper 牛皮紙 Kraft Paper

地瀝青牛皮紙 Bituminous Kraft Paper

臘紙 Waxpaper 厚板紙 Cardboard Paper 蒲、葦 Bulrush mat 防水紙 Water Proof Paper

保麗龍(泡沫塑料)Poly Foam(SnowBox) 竹條Bamboo Batten

竹篾 Bamboo Skin 狹木條Batten 銅絲 Brass Wire 鐵絲 Iron Wire

鐵條 Iron Rod 扣箍 Buckle 外捆麻繩Bound with Rope Externally

塊裝外加塑料袋Block Covered with Poly Bag

每件外套一塑料袋 Each Piece Wrapped in a Poly Bag

機器榨包不帶包皮Press Packed Bale without Wrapper

機器榨包以鐵皮捆扎 Press Packed in Iron Hooped Bale

用牢固的紙箱裝運 Packed in Strong Carton

適合于長途海洋運輸 Suitable for Long Distance Ocean Transportation

適合出口海運包裝 Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export

全幅卷筒 Full with Rolled on Tube

每卷用素包聚乙烯袋裝 Each Roll in Plain Poly Bag

混色混碼 With Assorted Colours Sizes

每隔--碼燙有邊印With Selvedge Stamped Internally at Every--Yards

用…隔開 Portioned with 紙屑 Paper Scrap 紙條 Paper Slip 紙帶 Paper Tape

紙層 Paper Wool 泡沫塑料 Foamed Plastics 泡沫橡膠Foamed Rubber

帆布袋內充水 Canvas Bag Filled with Water 包內襯薄紙 Lined with Thin Paper

內襯錫箔袋 Lined with Frescobag 內置充氣氧塑料袋 Inner Poly Bag Filled with Oxygen

內襯牛皮紙 Lined with Kraft Paper

內襯防潮紙、牛皮紙 Lined with Moist Proof Paper &Kraft Paper

鋁箔包裝 In Aluminium Foil Packing

木箱內襯鋁箔紙Lined with Aluminium Foil in the Wooden Case

雙層布袋外層上漿 Double Cloth Bag with Outer Bag Starched

外置木箱 Covered with Wooded Case

外繞鐵皮 Bound with Iron Bands Externally

膠木蓋Bakelite Cover 外繞鐵絲二道 Bound with Two Bands 0f Metal Wires Outside

標簽上標有︰Labels Were Marked with 紙箱上標有Cartons Were Marked with

包裝合格 Proper Packing 包裝完整 Packing Intact 包裝完好 Packing Sound

正規出口包裝 Regular Packing for Export

表面狀況良好 Apparently in Good Order& Condition

包裝不妥 Improper Packing 包裝不固 Insufficiently Packed

包裝不良 Negligent Packing 包裝殘舊玷污 Packing Stained &Old

箱遭水漬 Cartons Wet &Stained 外包裝受水濕 With Outer Packing Wet

包裝形狀改變 Shape of Packing Distorted 散包 Bales Off

鐵皮失落 Iron Straps Off 釘上 Nailed on 尺寸不符 Off Size

袋子撕破 Bags Torn 箱板破 Case Plank Broken

單層牛皮紙袋內襯塑編布包裝,25公斤/包 Packed in Single Kraft Paper Bag Laminated with PE Wovenbag 25Kgs Net Eash

三層牛皮紙袋內加一層塑料袋裝,25公斤/包 Packed in 3-ply Kraft Paper Bags with PE Liner,25Kgs/bag

牛皮紙袋內壓聚乙烯膜包裝,25公斤/包 Packed in Kraft Paper Iaminated with Polyethylene Film of 25Kgs Net Each

兩端加紙條 With a Paper Band at Both Ends

木箱裝,***以螺栓固定于箱底,箱裝完整 Packed in Woodencase,the***was(were)Mounted with Bolts on the Bottom of the Case.Packing Intact.

木箱裝,箱裝箱裝運,箱裝完好Packed in Woodencases with Container Shipment.Packing Sound.

塑料編織集裝袋裝,內襯塑料薄膜袋,集裝箱裝運,每箱20袋 Packed in Plastic Woven Flexible Container,Lined with Plastic Film Bags,Shipped in Container,20Bags for Each.

鐵桶裝,每桶淨重190公斤。Packed in Iron Drums and Each Drum Net 190kgs

木箱包裝,內裝2卷。每卷用塑料薄膜牛皮紙包裹,箱外鐵帶捆扎。 Packed in Wooden Case with 2 Reels Inside and Each Reel Was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Kraf Paper.It was Bound with Iron Belts Externally.

木箱包裝,內裝5卷,每卷用塑料薄膜及中性紙包裹,箱外鐵帶捆扎。Packed in Wooden Case with 5 Reels Inside and Every Reel was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Neutral Paper.The Cases were Bound with Ironbelts Externally.

筒裝,紙箱裝,箱外三道紡織袋捆扎,包裝完好.Rolled on Tube and Packed with Carton.Bounded with Three Woven Belts Extermally.Packing Sound.

木托架包裝,用縴維板、塑料薄膜及瓦愣紙皮包裹,外用鐵帶捆扎,再用鐵帶固定于集裝箱內 Straightly Stand on Wooden Pallet and Wrapped with Fibre Borad,Plastic Membrane &Kraft Paper

Board Bound with iron Belts Externally and Then Mounted in the Container with Iron Belt.

布包包裝,包裝完好Packed in Gunny Bales.Packing Sound

塑料紡織袋裝,包裝完好。Packed in P.P.Wovenbags Packing Sound.

木箱裝,箱裝完整 Packed in Wooden Case.Packing Intact

紙箱裝,箱裝完好 Packed in Cartons Packing Sound

托盤紙箱裝,箱內襯一層塑料薄膜,包裝完好 Packed in Cartons on Pallet and Lined with Single Polymembrane Inside.Packing Sound.


Packed imply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally.Packing Sound.

原產加厚聚乙烯袋裝,每袋淨重25公斤,集裝箱運 2Skgs Net Originally Manufactured Heavy Duty Polyethylene Bag.Shipped in Container.

托盤裝,包裝良好。Packed on Pallets,Packing Sound.

卷筒裝,包裝良好。Rolled on Tubes。Packing Sound.

編織包包裝,包裝完好. Packed in wovenbales.Packing Sound.


Packed in Wooden Case,for Specification 6.0mm×430mm,except One Case Packed with Three Reels.All were Packed with Eight Reels Respectively;for Specification 6.5mm×300mm, Every Case was Packed with Six Reels.The inner Reels were Wrapped with a Poly-mumbrane and Each Reel was wrapped with a Poly-membrane Again.


Packed in 2 Ply Cartons,Lined with Kraft Paper and Bound with Four Plastic Belts Externally Packing Sound.

麻袋裝,包裝完好。Packed in Gunny Bales Packing Sound.


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